August has arrived! Before schools begin and the cold weather hits, consider going on one last summer vacation. In this post we explore 10 airline apps for both Apple (iTunes) and Android (Google Play) devices. Make sure you check out other apps we have covered in our Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6 of SeatGuru’s airline apps blog series.

Aegean Airline (A3):

Aegean Airlines mobile app allows you to book flights, domestic and international, check-in, receive a downloadable boarding pass and more. At any time throughout your booking and travel experience, you can manage your trip. You can change your travel date and you can manage your Miles+Bonus account. You can redeem your points and use them on the go for any of your Aegean Airline flights. The app also allows you to enable notifications that will keep you up to date on gate number, gate changes, delayed departures and more. Additionally, this app has policy information regarding baggage, lounges, airport restrictions etc. 

Besides flight information, the app has features to allow you to book a hotel and/or a rental car. Did you book a rental car and forgot where you parked it? The app has a parking reminder that will remind you of where exactly your car is in the lot. 

Air Caraibes (TX):

The Air Caraibes app has features that allow you to book any flight, choose your traveling class and seat, all while viewing any discounts or special offers at the time. The app has policy information to eliminate the chances of any last minute surprises as well. Another great feature of the Air Caraibes app is that you can access your past and future bookings and see your balance and mileage history. This allows you to know how and when you have earned miles to be redeemed via the “My Loyalty Program”. 

AirEuropa (UX):

AirEuropa’s mobile app creates a mobile booking as well as a mobile check-in experience. When you are on the go, you can save your reservations and boarding passes and receive notifications about the flights you have saved. The app focuses on quick transactions therefore it has a secure method of keeping track of your personal and credit information. Also, the app lets you store and share boarding passses via email. If you decide to travel with extra luggage or decide to upgrade your seat, this can all be done right on the app as well. Lastly, the app lets you register for the AirEuropa’s SUMA loyalty program, which allows you to collect miles and points to then earn future discounts and deals.

Air India (AI): 

The Air India mobile app creates a simple and efficient booking process. You have the option of picking a destination, date, cabin class, seat, passenger count, and you can do multi-city booking. While booking, you now have the ability to book by redeeming your miles. This means you can purchase premium seats, select special meals and more all via your redeemed miles. The app also focuses on quick booking and therefore offers to save passenger detail entry, payment options and more in a secure fashion. Once you have booked your flight, you may then check-in one or multiple passengers on multiple flights at the same time. This will then offer you itineraries so you can see an organized sequence of events throughout the duration of your travel. One of the unique features of this app is that in the unfortunate case where you have lost your baggage or your baggage has been delayed, you can track your baggage via the app. 

Air Italy (IG): 

Air Italy’s app aims to speed up the booking and travel experience as a whole. You can purchase your ticket and select your seat of choice right on the app. After booking, when your trip is about to commence, you can check-in for your flight to avoid airport lines right on the app and receive a mobile boarding pass. You can enable notifications to receive any necessary information regarding your trip and receive special offer information. You can also enter your promo codes to guarantee discounts or access the flight info section to get all the information on the times and frequencies of Air Italy flights and flight statuses. 

Air Transat (TS): 

The Air Transat app helps you create your trip timeline. You can book your flights, vacation packages and a la carte hotels and that is just the start. The app then will prepare you for your trip by sending you notifications relevant to your travel including information regarding luggage, travel documents, flight services and more. 

Alitalia (AZ): 

Alitalia’s mobile app creates a safe way to choose and buy your plane tickets. For phones with fingerprint abilities, the app allows you to utilize this to add even more security in regards to the saving of your personal and payment information. After you book a flight, the app adds the necessary information to your calendar. Once it is time to depart, you can check-in using the booking code, ticket number or your MilleMiglia code. The app will then give you a mobile boarding pass that will be saved on the app for access, even when you do not have an internet or service connection. You can also use this app to keep you updated on any and all changes having to do with your trip including flight statuses, delays and more. You may view your mileage balance and information regarding clubs and lounges right on the app.  With this access to your MilleMiglia profile you can buy and check-in without having to type your data every time, for even easier and faster navigation.

Allegiant (G4):

The Allegiant app organizes all travel information into various “cards”. These cards represent each phase of the trip to create a timeline of a passengers whole journey. When having trouble managing booking or checking in for a flight, just click on the corresponding card and instructions on how to manage the trip will appear. The app allows you to complete your whole booking and traveling experience and then gives you a mobile boarding pass. If you want reminders of important flight information, the app allows you to enable notifications so you are never left out of the loop. Also, if you have a My Allegiant account, you can view and add sets, purchase bags and upgrade to Priority Boarding. 

Atlasglobal (KK): 

With the Atlasglobal’s app you can view the availability and price information of domestic and international flights of Atlasglobal, you can easily get your ticket with your credit card in 3 steps and you can cancel your reservation if your plans sporadically change. Once it is time to begin your traveling, the app lets you check-in and view your seating plan, select the seat you want and gives you a mobile boarding pass. The app has a feature, “Departure/Arrival” which will aid you once you have checked in. This feature offers you information regarding landing/take-off or delay details, all of which can be enabled to be delivered to you via notifications. Lastly, if you have or would like a Jetmil Card, you can register or utilize this card on the app. With this card you can get award tickets with the Jetmil point system and receive a plethora of special offers. 


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